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Jamaal's Journey (Paperback)

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Jamaal's Journey is a very easy and fun read, full of challenges and possibilities students face in their senior year of high school.--Donna Jackson

The story line about the romance and friendships of Jamaal was very convincing and kept my interest to the end.--Richard DeMaria

My hope is that all students, especially African-American students, read Jamaal's Journey and realize that education is the key to the future.--Robert Kman

Book Description

We all have choices to make in life-and those choices define us. They tell us who we are on the inside and show the outside world what we are made of. Sometimes our choices are right, and sometimes they are wrong. But no matter what, they are always ours, and as such, we should own them.

Jamaal's Journey follows an African American student named Jamaal through the last two months of high school as he encounters several situations that force him to make important decisions about himself, his relationships, and his future. Through the choices he makes-and by embracing their consequences and outcomes-Jamaal arrives at a new level of maturity and comes to better understand his character.

But getting there isn't easy...

Along the way, Jamaal tackles issues and problems that all young adults face. And as he does, he is confronted with both internal and external conflicts that test his will, determination, and sense of right and wrong.

Filled with laughs, emotion, and a strong element of hope, Jamaal's story is one any high school student can relate to-and it's sure to help many of today's teens in their own journeys from adolescence to adulthood.

More Reviews

This is a well-written book that accurately reflects the current diversity in schools.--Susan Danker

Jamaal's Journey reveals deep insights into the trials and tribulations of high school students as told through the mind of Jamaal.--Gianni D.

Jamaal's Journey is written with humor, angst, and enough street language to get a good sense of what the students are really like and how they discover self.--Joe D.

About the Author

John McCormack is an educator who has helped shape young minds for over thirty-five years. A graduate of Iona College and The Ohio State University, he spent most of his career teaching in both junior and senior high schools in locations from Chicago, Illinois to Rockland County, New York. He is a winner of the Golden Apple Award from Channel 13 in New York City for his outstanding contributions to Learning Link. McCormack was inspired to write his young adult novel Jamaal's Journey by the closeness and enthusiasm he enjoyed with his students, particularly toward the end of his career. Aside from writing, John is passionately engaged in playing the piano and guitar in sunny Los Angeles where he lives with his wife.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781500920180
ISBN-10: 1500920185
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2014
Pages: 242
Language: English